Take a ride along the KC Streetcar Main Street Extension Project’s progress

The KC Streetcar is bringing its services all the way to the University of Missouri - Kansas City by 2025. Let’s check in with the project and see what the next 18 months will entail.

UMKC Streetcar Stop KCtoday

The KC Streetcar Extension

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Picture this: You are shopping local vendors at the City Market and decide it’s time for brunch on the Plaza. You hop on the KC Streetcar and arrive stress-free in no time.

That’s what all Kansas Citians can experience come 2025.

The KC Streetcar is officially over halfway done with its 2025 Main Street Extension Plan — but what does that mean? Let’s break down what is still in store for the transportation project + what to expect in the next 18 months.

Over halfway

This June, the project reached the 50% installation mark — keeping the 2025 completion right on track. East side (or north bound) tracks are completed on the northern half of the extension. Plus, tracks for the facility expansion are officially in progress.

KC Streetcar New Stop Rendering KCtoday

The future Plaza Transit Center.

Rendering via KC Streetcar

See the stops

The extension will feature 16 new stops — including signature stops at Plaza Transit Center and UMKC. The Plaza Transit Center will accommodate streetcar + bus services, as well as bike facilities with a double-sided platform. The UMKC stop will become the new southern terminus, with space for two streetcars to arrive on different sides of the track and turn around to head north.

More than tracks

While the extension route is made up of 3.5 miles of tracks, there are various project elements that make every ride happen. Let’s dive into our KC Streetcar encyclopedia to get familiar with the full project scope.

Vehicle Maintenance Facility: This updated space will accommodate an expanded streetcar fleet, operational + maintenance growth, and storage.

Traction Power Substation: These provide electricity to power the streetcars — five will be constructed for the extension.

Overhead Catenary System: These poles transfer power to each streetcar, with a total of 344 poles along the extension.

Stormwater Management: The drainage system that eliminates flooding concerns and protects nearby properties from stormwater runoff.

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