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Nonstop flight wishlist from Kansas City, Missouri

We asked our readers where they would like to see more nonstop flights to from KCI. From coast to coast, they answered.

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Where to next?

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Last week we asked you what nonstop flights you’d like to see departing from KCI. From coast to coast, and even international, you answered.

“Need a non-stop flight from KC to Memphis, TN.” — Susie W.

“San Antonio” — Monica C.

“A direct from Kansas City to Europe — Heathrow, Amsterdam, Frankfort. Just think how different international travel would be from KC!” — Karen D.

“I would like to see nonstop flights from KC to Tucson.” — Carol L.

“KC to Sarasota, please!” — Sherry L.

“To Atlanta!” — Kim R.

“Would love to see a non-stop to Memphis!” — MaryAnne F.

“To Ft Myers, FL, Cincinnati, OH, and Dayton, OH” — Terry B.

“My family and I would love to see non-stop flights to Canada! Vancouver, Montreal and, Halifax would be ideal. Thank you in advance from this Canadian transplant.” — Roby W.

Find the current list of nonstop flights.

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