Check out the two possible options for the Kansas City Royals’ future home

On Tuesday, Aug. 22, the Royals officially released renderings of two future stadium location options. Let’s see what both have to offer.

KC Royals New location KCtoday

Check out the scoreboard for the cherry on top.

Renderings of East Village District via Kansas City Royals

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One step closer. The Kansas City Royals officially announced the final two options for a new stadium. Plus, plans are in the works for a baseball-centered entertainment district once a stadium decision is made.

Let’s meet the location contenders + check out what the future of baseball could look like in the City of Fountains.


We’re loving the skyline in the distance.

Renderings via Kansas City Royals

Option one: North Kansas City

The North Kansas City option (Think: 18th Avenue and Fayette Street) boasts a brand new stadium design with an open-air feel and plenty of seats for the Blue Crew. Renderings showcase new elements like a screen wrapping around the outside of the stadium, lots of spaces for fans to eat + drink, and even a live music area.

North KC Royals Stadium KCtoday

Pregame with a quick kayaking excursion.

Rendering via Kansas City Royals

Coined as “Crown District” — the areas surrounding the new stadium would feature entertainment for fans + visitors alike. Plus, check out the water element and green space in the rendering. The more fountains, the better.

The final crown in this vision? Fireworks with the Kansas City skyline in sight after a Royals win, of course.

Fast facts about NKC option:

East Village Royals stadium KCtoday

Check out those fountains at the entrance.

Rendering via Kansas City Royals

Option two: East Village

KC to its core. The East Village option’s bold vision has a goal of connecting the community with a downtown-focus. This stadium (Think: 12th Street and Cherry Street) would be surrounded by KC’s downtown core, featuring rooftop deck-style lounge areas and the iconic Royals blue everywhere.

With water elements reflecting our City of Fountains nickname, this stadium is fit for a crown.

KCtoday East Village Royals option KCtoday

Talk about a grand entrance.

Rendering via Kansas City Royals

With this option, a new stadium isn’t the only thing the neighborhood would gain. Enter: East Village Ballpark District. With options for live music, hotels, apartments, and food + drink, the baseball district here has the opportunity to create an even stronger community downtown.

Fast facts about East Village option:

  • Blocks away from the Power & Light District
  • A 27-acre development in total
  • Would include a pedestrian bridge from Paseo Boulevard to the stadium

Now that you can weigh the options properly — which diamond is your favorite? Let us know.

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