The Chiefs + Royals sign new agreement to stay in Kansas City

A new installment of the saga concerning Kansas City’s sports teams has been released. Here’s what the agreement lays out.

Chiefs Game KCtoday

Look no snow on the field....Oh, brighter days.

Things are heating up in the postseason...

A new agreement has been signed committing the Chiefs and Royals to KCMO proper, quieting rumors of the teams moving north of the river or across state lines. The letter of intent, which details new long-term leases, is awaiting final approval by the two teams.

We’re putting it gently when we say this comeback has been difficult.

The two teams have tried their hardest to score some dough for renovations at the Truman Sports Complex. The Royals want to demo Kaufman and build a new stadium + the Red Kingdom is hoping to reno and expand Arrowhead. The county’s recent approval of a 3/8-cent stadium sales tax extension for its April ballot was a breakthrough in their rather slow-going quest.

Our readers have had a lot to say about this, a majority feeling positively about the effort after a recent joint statement was released highlighting the teams desire to stay put.

Don’t get too excited though. The ink won’t be officially dry until next Thursday. Between now and then, some rewriting may occur.

If Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. (who has demanded a signed lease from the Royals before approving) vetoes the county’s recent ballot decision the future of Kansas City sports will be once again up in the air.

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