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Royals lock down superstar Bobby Witt Jr. with ~$290 million contract

With spring training right around the corner, the Royals made their biggest bet on one of the best players in the MLB.

Kansas City Royals Mural located in Westport

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Under the cover of Chiefs-mania, the Royals have been making quiet moves towards an all-star season this year.

Superstar shortstop Bobby Witt Jr. has just signed a deal keeping him in Kansas City for another decade... to the tune of $288.8 million.

Witt is one of baseball’s brightest stars, hitting .276/.319/.495 last season and joining the 30-30 club in 2023 after smashing 30 home runs and 49 stolen bases. In layman’s terms, he’s better than good.

With the stadium tax on April ballots and Witt locked in for the rebuilding Royals, it looks like it’ll be a great year for anyone wearing royal blue.

Want to catch their first game? Tickets start at $29 for the home opener against the Twins on Thursday, March 28.

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