Answered: our readers weigh in on the proposed Crossroads ballpark

Perfect spot or downright disaster? Our readers let us know how they’d vote this April.

KCtoday_Royals Crossroads

A new day means a new “K.”

Photo via the Kansas City Royals

Since talks of a new stadium first surfaced, one thing’s been clear: Kansas Citians want the “K.” Nearly 45% of respondents said “we don’t need a new stadium.”

The Royals think otherwise...

Now with the public proposal of a new Crossroads ballpark, locals have been weighing in on whether its a boon or the bust for downtown’s arts district.

34% say “Yay”

“I understand why they have to move and of their options the crossroads locations seems the most fitting. I’ll sure miss the parking and tailgating at The K though!” — Emily S.

“I think giving more options for visiting downtown is what is needed. Plus this could give the Hunts an opportunity to refresh Arrowhead, or even to build a new stadium.” — Melissa J.

20% say “No way”

“The Crossroads would no longer be a local arts district. Having a new ballpark there would raise rates and price out most of the businesses that make the area special!” — Kelly S.

“There may be enough parking downtown if the baseball game is the only thing going on but that will seldom be the case. Have the planners even been downtown when there is an event at T-Mobile Center and Bartle Hall?” — Anonymous

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