Rough & Bumble mixes remote work with playtime

Where co-working and parenthood meet.

Rough and Bumble.jpeg

Channeling our inner child.

Photo from Rough & Bumble

We know working from home can provide a lot of flexibility, and parents of young children can use all the flexibility they can get. However, we know it’s probably not ideal to have the kiddos pop into your client video calls.

Rough & Bumble KC is a unique solution to the problem. The new business — at 638 S. 130th St., Bonner Springs, KS — is a self-described play café “where co-working and parenthood meet.”

The coffee shop-play zone combination provides work stations for adults and supervised programming for children.

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Balloons will help channeling creativity for your next marketing campaign.

Photo from Rough & Bumble

“Our mission is to provide a hive for the community, where parents & caregivers can work or relax, while their little ones play in a safe & clean environment.” — Rough & Bumble

The company is hosting a grand opening party on Sat., Nov. 12 from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. including balloon artists, T-shirts, and half-off play. Tickets are $14.

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