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Hot Homes: This Tudor house for sale in Midtown KCMO has an indoor pool

Located in Roanoke just five minutes from downtown, the home’s pool house + double lot are just a some of its impressive features.

801 valentine road

Hidden behind this is a pool house. Who would have thunk it?

Editor Charmaine checking in. I noticed a home for sale in Midtown KCMO with a building connected that didn’t look like a garage. After digging (searching on Zillow) I learned it was a pool house. Yes, that’s right, a house with an indoor pool is located just five minutes from downtown — at 801 Valentine Rd., KCMO.

801 valentine road backside

Here is the building that piqued my interest. It’s not a garage — it’s a poolhouse.

I toured this amazing anomaly. Here’s what I saw.

Enter and you’ll notice the home is two-in-one. Turn to the left, and you’ll see the original house built in 1928. Turn to the right, and you’ll find a two-story addition added around the 1970s. The two-story Tudor has four bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms, a basement with a bar + cabana, a sunken garage, an attic, a large backyard, and a pool house.

There’s plenty of perfectly preserved vintage relics, too — like a Cadillac stove to rev up your cooking.

Walk through its 5,242 sqft and you’ll notice built-in storage everywhere. There are racks for your glasses in the basement bar, the sunken garage’s walls are made up of hidden storage, plus the kitchen has built-in china cabinets. And that’s not even close to all of it.

But why did this historic Roanoke home end up with an indoor pool? According to the listing agent, a chiropractor previously owned the home and added the pool for fun + therapy sessions.

pool house 801 valentine road

The inside of the pool house. I think I’ll go for a dip — for research, of course.

The bromine pool is roughly four feet deep and is accompanied by a Jacuzzi. The pool house is both heated and cooled with dual entry options — enter from the house or through sliding doors that lead to the backyard.

While the current owners love this home, they’re relocating and must say goodbye. The house is currently listed at $625,000.

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