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Here’s what KCtoday readers believe East Crossroads needs

We asked and you answered. This is how Kansas Citians want the East Crossroads to be developed.

East Crossroads busy bee cafe outside shot from across the street kctoday

There’s a lot of buzz in East Crossroads KC

Photo by KCtoday

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Last month, we asked you to be the broker and tell us what should be added to KC’s East Crossroads neighborhood. After shifting through ~100 emails + Instagram comments, here’s the two suggestions we received the most.

Grocery stores

Grocery stores were by far the most suggested addition on both Instagram and in our inbox.

“How about an Aldi’s or Natural Grocery...? " — Jenn V.

“Good area for a neighborhood Target and a few more restaurants and shops!” — Don D.

Green Space and nature

Many of you urged KC not to forget the importance of green gathering grounds.

“Outside space is needed! [...] A small green way/park for adults, trees, garden, chess boards, or checkers, reading nook.” — Michael C.

"#morestreettrees! Stay tuned for the fall planting season!” — @crossroadsstreettree

”...Outdoor urban courtyard/park, even sidewalks, and last but absolutely not least…TREES🌳" — @siennamcclain

Is there something you would add to the East Crossroads? Let us know.

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