Nuclear power in Kansas City, MO

If you happen to know any nuclear engineers, make sure to say congratulations.

MKT Nuclear

Those clouds are clean water vapor, not smoke. | Photo via Unsplash

2022 brought big news in clean energy, with new developments happening all the time. All this might cause some confusion, so let’s make it nuclear.

  • Fusion shoves atomic nuclei together. It’s how stars get their power. Fission splits atoms apart.
  • 20% of electricity generated nationwide already comes from fission, according to the Department of Energy. That 20% is produced by just 92 nuclear reactors. Did you know? The nearest one is the Wolf Creek Generating Station, located in Burlington, KS (~1.5 hours away).
  • Ignition just means they got more energy out of the reaction than they put infusing atoms is hard work.

Putting it all together: fusion reactions have the potential to produce much more energy than fission reactions, and the process only creates helium (read: no radioactive waste). Fusion ignition is a big step in that direction.

Now, if only we could use that energy to charge our phones…

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