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Life hacks for every Kansas Citian to know

Whether you are new to Kansas City or a long time resident, here are life hacks you need to know to help save time, alleviate stress, and make life better.

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Life hack: go to the top of the WWI Museum and Memorial to see this view.

Are you looking for ways to make life easier? Hello, we’re KCtoday, and we have the need-to-know life hacks that make being a Kansas Citian even better than it already is. You’re going to want to bookmark these life hacks for future reference.

Editor Bella’s life hack: Go to the B&B Theater in the Power and Light District (incredible seats y’all) — but park in the Consentino’s garage. You can get your ticket validated by the movie theater.

Editor Travis’ life hack: The KC Streetcar has a tracker that’s almost always accurate. If you want to know when to leave to catch it, tap the stop nearest to you to see its approximate arrival time.

We asked around and this is what our readers had to say:

“The best time to go to any grocery store is during a Chiefs game. Go long enough after the game has begun and the shelves will already be partially restocked for you.”

“Never go grocery shopping 1-2 hours before Chiefs games. Chiefs fans are loading up on munchies & beer.”

“I’m a teacher, and I love taking my dog to Bar K while getting extra work done in the evening! She gets to run around and exhaust herself, and I get to sip on a Messenger coffee in one of their many beautiful “scenes” that are set up throughout the park. Their membership is SO WORTH IT!”

“I love doing all my errands in NKC. CVS, dollar store, dry cleaner, tailor, car wash are all within a block.”

“Buy Nothing. It’s a movement. Google it. I belong the the Waldo Buy Nothing group. They are by neighborhood and you can only join the one for your particular area. You can offer up things that you want to get rid of or you can ask for items that you need/want. I have an expanded community of people near me and I have saved so much money getting things I didn’t have to pay for ($497 so far this year).”

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