KCtoday’s February book club with Janine Kluckhohn

This month we are diving into “A Blues Singer To Redeem Him” by Elle Jackson.

Janine Feb Book Club KCtoday

Treat your shelf.

Photo via Janine Kluckhohn
Graphic by 6AM City

Meet Janine Kluckhohn — a local book influencer known as @downtogetthefictionon — who is giving you the 411 on Kansas City-focused literature. From KC authors to books set in the region, consider this your official Kansas City book club. Let’s hand it over to Janine:

Looking to add some romance to your February reading list? “A Blues Singer To Redeem Him” is a historical romance set in Prohibition-era Kansas City, written by Elle Jackson. This fast-paced romance follows Evelyn Laroque in the pursuit of her dream to become a blues singer while also navigating the dangerous racial landscape of KC and her growing feelings for Lorenzo De Luca, the infamous club owner and son of a Mafia kingpin.

Jackson, a Kansas City area native, set out to write stories that showcase underrepresented groups of people while allowing others to see cultures through a different lens. “A Blues Singer To Redeem Him” will give readers an insight into 1920s Kansas City while also telling an unforgettable (and maybe deadly) love story.

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