KCtoday May book club: “Class Mom” by Laurie Gelman

Janine Kluckhohn is back with the KCtoday book club — this time, a hilarious read about kids activities.


A new month means a new book club recommendation.

The weather is warming up, and the patio is calling our name for a good read. Thankfully, we have a new book club recommendation from Janine Kluckhohn — a local book influencer known as @downtogetthefictionon.

“‘Class Mom’ by Laurie Gelman is a hilarious and relatable book for anyone who’s been involved, by choice or by force, in a child’s school, sports, or any other activity.

Jen Dixon beats to the sound of her own drum. Jen’s a veteran Overland Park, Kansas mom who’s back at it for round two of parenting. She’s been around the PTA before, but this time, she’s more experienced and not afraid to tell it like it is! While this approach doesn’t always end up winning over lots of new friends, it may just win her the uncovered (and at times unwanted) title of PTA President.”

Purchase your copy of “Class Mom” from Rainy Day Books.

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