KCtoday April Book Club: ‘Romantic Comedy’

Janine Kluckhohn is back with a book recommendation with scenes set in Kansas City.

Graphic showing Janine holding a book

Janine is in spring mode — are you?

Photo by @downtogethefictionon, graphic by KCtoday

Looking for a book to take to the park? Or maybe your deck or patio? There’s no bad spot to sit, read, and soak up spring — and we have a new book recommendation for you.

Here’s a word from Janine Kluckhohn — a local book influencer known as @downtogetthefictionon — on “Romantic Comedy” by New York Times Best Selling Author Curtis Sittenfeld.

“We know that the KC area has been pretty well represented on SNL as of late, but now, we’re taking the rep to the fictional late-night world with this April release.

Set between 2018-2023, this story of late-night comedy writer Sally takes you from behind the scenes at TNO to Sally’s time back in Kansas City with her stepdad during 2020 and beyond.

This book is funny, heartwarming, and the perfect book to read while you sit outside during a beautiful spring day in KC!”

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