Kansas City’s regional trails and bikeways map

Plus, here’s how you can make it better.

Screenshot of interactive trails map

Make 2023 your outdoorsy year.

Map via MARC

The Mid-America Regional Council is asking for public feedback to improve its regional trails and bikeways map. But did you even know this exists?

Answered: “Where can I find a comprehensive map of area bike trails?” — Reader Karen A.

This map provides a comprehensive, color-coded look at all of the types of paths across the metro. Here are a couple tips for using it:

  • You can access the key in the bottom left button, which explains the colors (from pedestrian paths to mountain bike and equestrian trails).
  • You can toggle layers in the bottom right button, even layering in trail head parking and local libraries.

Once you start using this tool (we recommend the ol’ bookmark trick), MARC wants your input on ways to make it better. Take this survey, and help improve this public tool for everyone.

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