Kansas City, Missouri street resurfacing: update and resources

So, Main Street has been a little rocky.

KC_downtown street resurfacing

Ah, we love the smell of asphalt in the afternoon.

Photo by KCtoday

If you’ve driven downtown recently, you’ve noticed a few bumps in the road.

Miles of ripped up concrete is a pain to navigate no doubt, but it’s actually all according to plan — and that plan is KCMO’s Street Preservation Program.

Back in May, City Council approved $40 million for street work. That money would go towards contracts for resurfacing/overlay (what’s happening downtown), microsurfacing, and crack sealing — all depending on the street conditions. In short, you can literally see (and feel) this financial allocation in action.

As fun as it is to unexpectedly come across construction, you don’t have to be surprised when things go bump in the night.

KCMO has an interactive map with color coded streets showing progress and what is still in the process. The embedded weekly schedule shows things are happening right on time.