Readers answer: Kansas Citians’ favorite gas stations

“I never considered that KC folks had a favorite gas station, but you’re right we do, and we are strangely passionate about them.”

Photo of QT by the Plaza

Nothing says true love like hot dogs on roller grills.

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Answered: What’s your favorite gas station? Kansas Citians love their gas stationsand no, this isn’t the same everywhere. Editor Travis has never seen anyone get as pumped about convenience stores as folks do in KC. Afterall, it’s just a gas station... right?

Wrong. Between QuikTrip, Love’s, Casey’s, and 7-Eleven, there are plenty of convenient ways to get gassed up. We asked you your favorite (and why), and you did not leave us stranded on empty.

⛽️ “QuikTrip, hands down. Professional, quick, clean, and courteous — this company has it together. Employees are well trained and plentiful, and if they see a line form at the pay inside registers, they’ll bring another employee to help check out. The stores are well designed and spacious in the gas pump areas, and they take Apple Pay at the pump. They are always super clean inside, and they don’t smell like Pine-Sol. (I’m looking at you 7-Eleven)” — Greg M.

⛽️ “I support the QuikTrip nearest my house whenever I can because it is the closest source for ethanol-free gas, which I always use in my carbureted motors (mower, trimmer, etc.) They have required much less maintenance since I started doing this.” — James G.

⛽️ “I never considered that KC folks had a favorite gas station, but you’re right we do, and we are strangely passionate about them. Who knew...Personally, I have no favorite, but I’ve noticed they all have features that attract loyal followers:

  • QT: The McDonald’s of gas stations. Every QT in the world looks exactly like the rest, and everything is in exactly the same place. Do you need a bag of Funyuns in Denver, Austin, or KC? Take a left at the front door, first set of shelves on your left...
  • Love’s: Sadly not enough around here, but if you’re on the road with your dog, you can count on their pet park.
  • Casey’s: Only if your radio is permanently set to 106.5 The Wolf...
  • 7-Eleven: The world’s greatest flea market/gas station.” — Ken W., Olathe

⛽️ “Hands down it’s Casey’s. It doesn’t matter about the location. Clean, organized, and pizza that is tasty.” — Matt S., Waldo

⛽️ “For hot drinks, it’s QT. WAY cheaper than silly Starbucks. For food, Casey’s. Their sandwiches and pizza are the best!” — Rodger B.

⛽️ “Overall: QT. Fast. Clean. The wireless card readers at the pump always work, which gets you in and out faster than other gas stations where you’re stuck wondering if you’ll have to leave your card in or pull it out quickly before it gives you a card-read error. Plus, taquitos. Pizza: Casey’s. Casey’s has the best gas station pizza by far, though QT’s breakfast pizza is making strides. My high school history teacher said Casey’s cheese pizza was the glue that held the Midwest together, and I don’t think he’s far from the truth.” — Alex T.

⛽️ “QuikTrip is our favorite—always clean and well run with plenty of help at the counter, a good selection of items, clean restrooms, and a safe environment.” — Pamela M.

⛽️ “QT for sure! I’ve always thought if I ever moved out of KC, I would totally miss QT! It has literally everything, and they are always quick to shuffle people in/out. Now with the gourmet kitchens…. it’s even better!!!” — Kim

⛽️ “Hands down..... QuikTrips... Clean, great coffee, good food selection...friendly staff...... AND... free air!!!!” — Terry C.

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