Kansas City Chiefs Away Game Guide

Your go-to guide for where to watch, enjoy, and celebrate Chiefs away games.

GEHA Arrowhead Stadium After Dark

The party doesn’t stop when these lights turn off.

Photo by @kansascityinphotos

Chiefs fans bleed red and gold, even when the game may not be in the 816. So while nothing can ever beat the volume of Arrowhead Stadium, we gathered the best places to watch (and stress over) Chiefs road games.

TV central station

Whether you have a large group and need to see the game from all angles, or you are a fantasy football fanatic, these spots have more TVs than we can count.

  • Brooksider | 6630 Brookside Plaza, Kansas City, MO | Absolutely no shortage of screen space here, even on the patio.
  • Westport Ale House | 4128 Broadway Blvd., Kansas City, MO | Not only can you find an iconic Chiefs mural outside the building, you can also enjoy the 50+ screens inside.
  • The Well | 7421 Broadway St., Kansas City, MO | Find extra TVs upstairs on the rooftop bar — perfect for enjoying the crisp fall air while watching the game.
  • The Other Place | 7324 W. 80th St., Overland Park, KS | What first started as a single college bar now has grown into several locations — all with premium TV viewing abilities.
  • Coach’s Bar and Grill | 9089 W. 135th St., Overland Park, KS | Every TV here is capable of showing a different channel, so you will never miss the action.
  • Brewer’s Sports Bar + Grill | 1120 W. Main St., Blue Springs, MO | With sports in the name, you could assume this is a great spot for game-watching.

For the Locals

If you’re from KC, these spots may be second nature to you — but there’s room for all Chiefs fans around here. Check out these spots for a true Kansas Citian football watching experience.

  • The Peanut on Main | 5000 Main St., Kansas City, MO | What better place to watch the game than KC’s oldest bar and grill? We’re talking Prohibition days.
  • Lew’s Bar and Grill | 7539 Wornall Rd., Kansas City, MO | Order a boot of your favorite KC beer for game time.
  • Dirty Bird | 6600 Blue Ridge Blvd., Kansas City, MO | Known for the extraordinary wings, every day feels like game day here.
  • The Bar West Plaza | 1121 W. 47th St., Kansas City, MO | Between the location and the atmosphere, this is a great local bar to enjoy a day of football.
  • Nick and Jake’s | 6325 Lewis St., Parkville, MO | Try the KC Wolfpack Platter to elevate the game day vibes.


The kids these days — they don’t know how lucky they are to grow up watching Patrick Mahomes sling touchdowns left and right. Visit these spots for an plenty of kid-friendly menu options — don’t worry, there’s adult drink menus here too.

  • Freddy T’s | 7920 W. 151st St., Overland Park, KS. | Plenty of TVs + menu options for the little ones.
  • Tanner’s Bar and Grill | 3900 Rainbow Blvd., Kansas City, KS | Known for the hometown atmosphere, this is the perfect place to bring the whole family.
  • Charlie Hooper’s | 12 W. 63rd St., Kansas City, MO | This spot has specials that make the trip worthwhile.
  • Minksy’s Pizza | 427 Main St., Kansas City, MO | Order a gourmet pizza to feed the whole family.
  • Streetcar Grille and Tavern | 1580 Main St., Kansas City, MO | The perfect place for a family brunch during a noon game.
  • Chicken N Pickle | 1761 Burlington St., North Kansas City, MO | What better way to get hyped up for the game than a pickleball match?

Honorable game-day mentions:

  • GameDay Experience | KC Live! Block, 13 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, MO | The closest you will feel to Arrowhead without being there.
  • iTap | 403 E. 18th St., Kansas City, MO | Bring your own bites and enjoy beers from all over the world.
  • Westport Flea Market | 817 Westport Rd., Kansas City, MO | Known for having one of the best burgers in KC, this spot also has drinks specials and a plethora of TVs.
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