Kansas City Chiefs 2022 draft recap

Picture of Arrowhead Stadium from box

KC’s future is looking sunny. | Picture by @photodrifter

Chiefs Kingdom just got a little bigger. The 2022 NFL Draft was this past weekend, and there are some new eye-blackened faces under Arrowhead-clad helmets.

As we near the 2022 season, we’re lining up the new recruits — with the help of Arrowhead Pride editor-in-chief Pete Sweeney. Let’s take the field + meet the team.

Chiefs 2022 draft picks

How did Kansas City do?

I just think the value was so strong with each of those picks,” Pete said. “They addressed really every position of need.”

Last week, Pete told us the Chiefs needed help with three positions. Those were the edge (think: defensive ends + linebackers), cornerbacks (for pass defense), and receivers (after the Tyreek Hill trade). The Chiefs drafted:

  • Five defensive backfielders: three cornerbacks, two safeties
  • Two edge positions: defensive end, linebacker
  • One wide receiver: “And he’s got a cool name,” Pete said.

Nailed it. Kansas City doubled down on their defense — a good thing since safety Tyrann Mathieu officially signed with New Orleans. KC also boosted their O-line, which Pete said was needed.

That’s not to mention a bunch of new free agent signings — two more linebackers, three more running backs, and another offensive lineman. And if that wasn’t enough, the team traded for Houston cornerback Lonnie Johnson Jr. late Monday.

As for the new receiver:

I don’t think the Chiefs offense is going to look the same [...] This is going to be a little more short to intermediate [...] variety-based offense.

For more, watch our whole interview.

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