How well do you know the KCtoday editors?

Consider this a low-stakes pop quiz.

Picture of editors Travis and Bella at Mildred's

Low-quality photo, high-quality work relationship.

Photo by KCtoday

Each day we get the privilege of kicking off our morning with you. You could say we’re pen pals, friends, besties — whatever you want to call us.

So, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. We’ve put together a KCtoday-specific game challenging you to get to know us a little more. Insert “Bella” or “Travis” into each number where you think we belong. The answer key is in The Wrap (no peeking).

It’s a sunny and 60-degree KC day. You’ll find KCtoday editor (1) enjoying the patio at Filling Station - Midtown in their favorite vintage Chiefs sweatshirt. KCtoday editor (2) is likely taking the dog for a walk (and rewarding themselves with a KC Tap Tour beer afterward).

Picture this: “Into the Woods” is showing at the Starlight Theatre. KCtoday editor (3) is snacking on barbecue + warming up to “Agony.” KCtoday editor (4) is getting there early to snap photos and read the Playbill front to back.

Shhhh, can you we trust you with our favorite KC secret spots?

“There is nothing better than Wednesday night karaoke + a boot of Boulevard Wheat at Lew’s in Waldo.” — KCtoday editor (5)

“Get cheesy with the Mac Daddy from Mickey’s Hideaway, specifically with a chicken tender add-on.” — KCtoday editor (6)

The craziest thing you might catch KCtoday editor (7) doing is biking on the rocks of the Blue River or the cliffs of Kessler Park. That isn’t really KCtoday editor’s (8) speed — you can find them vinyl shopping at Mills Record Company and The Vinyl Underground instead.

Our KCtoday events page has a hold on us. KCtoday editor (9) is hoping to catch a performance of “Rent.” Don’t be fooled by this answer, we’re both theater kids. KCtoday editor (10) will be busy scratching their head at Cinder Block’s Tuesday night trivia.

If the weather plays nice, we’re taking the scenic route. KCtoday editor (11) will take the hammock down to Berkley Riverfront. KCtoday editor (12) is reading a book at the Rose Garden in Loose Park.

Okay, are your answers in? We give you permission to peek at The Wrap section now. Let us know how you did.

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