Highlighting Nonprofit Connect in Kansas City this Giving Tuesday

Try practicing “radical generosity” with the local nonprofit community.

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We have a sunny disposition toward giving back in KC.

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A day “that encourages people to do good.” That’s what Giving Tuesdayaka today, Nov. 29 — is all about.

Started in 2012, this movement encourages “radical generosity,” where giving is a part of every day life.

If you’re considering giving money, time, or resources (we highly encourage it), there’s a local organization seeking to connect you with the KC nonprofit world. Meet Nonprofit Connect.

Nonprofit Connect

This organization provides nonprofit resources, education, networking, and career opportunities.

“We’re a chamber of commerce, but we offer it for nonprofits,” marketing manager Colin Bennett said. “We can cater what we do and focus specifically on their challenges and their needs.”

Nonprofit Connect started as the Council of Philanthropy in the 1970s. It rebranded in 2008 as society shifted toward the “people with boots on the ground,” Colin said. Although aspects of the old org still hang around (re: the Philly Awards), it now focuses on empowering local nonprofitsand the people seeking them out.

Connecting with nonprofits

So, what’s this got to do with you? If you’re looking for local organizations for Giving Tuesday, you can search for the nonprofit you resonate with most with this Membership Directory.

“Find out what makes your soul tick, what gets you up in the morning,” Colin said.

The directory can be sorted by sector, so you can match your passions with local organizations.

“Giving can be more than monetary value,” Colin said. “These organizations almost always need volunteers, or they need supplies.”

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