Get ready for KCtoday’s Drink Up Month this July

Do you love coffee? What about cocktails? Maybe a mocktail or tea is more your speed. Regardless of your sip selection, buckle up for Drink Up Month, where we are celebrating all of your favorite beverages the entire month of July.

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Cheers to Drink Up Month.

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Calling beverage-lovers of all kinds. Last year, we served up Drink Up Week — featuring local sips from coffee to cocktails. This year, we’re celebrating even bigger with Drink Up Month running all of July.

What is Drink Up Month?

We want to shine a spotlight on the people and places that make Kansas City’s beverage scene special. This means July will be full of activities. Think: deals at your favorite breweries, meet-ups with the KCtoday team at coffee shops, and Q+A’s with your favorite mocktail bartenders in the area.

More information on the Drink Up Month participants, events, and activities to come — but for now, get excited.

How to participate

There are two ways to participate in Drink Up Month: as drink makers and drink drinkers.

For our local breweries, coffee shops, and everything in between — we want you to get involved. Email us and let’s chat about collaborating for Drink Up Month.

For our beverage-loving readers, we want to hear from you. Who do you want to see participate in Drink Up Month? What kind of drink-related content sparks your interest? We’re putting matters into your hands to make this month of sipping count.

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