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Our favorite places to find sour beers in Kansas City

Whether your prefer the sweeter side or just want to shake things up, we are rounding up the best spots for sour beer options in Kansas City.

KCtoday Casual Animal

Cheers to sour beers.

Photo by KCtoday

Editor Bella checking in. Sour beers are one of my favorite types of beer — especially for these hot, late summer days.

Whether you’re a fan of the sweet + sour taste or you’re just looking to add a new pint to your palate, we’re rounding up the best spots for sour beers in Kansas City.

Crane Brewing, 6515 Railroad St., Raytown, MO | If you love sours, this is the spot for you. We recommend the iconic Tea Weiss.

Servaes Brewing, 10921 Johnson Dr., Shawnee, KS | This woman-brewed option features rotating sours for all taste buds.

Casual Animal, 1725 McGee St., KCMO | While the menu rotates frequently, every sour here is a top notch contender. If you’re lucky enough to catch the Blue Flamingo Fruited Sour, get a tall pour.

Pathlight Brewing, 11200 W 75th St., Shawnee, KS | This spot has sour options galore — the Le Pesche Mode is a must-have.

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