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Answered: Besides barbecue sauce, what condiment is king in KC?

Don’t get lost in the sauce.


With molasses in our barbecue, we’re always down for the sweetness. | Photo via Messner Bee Farm

We do not joke about our sauces here in KC.

So it was only natural to see what condiment takes second place in the hearts (and on the plates) of our readers.

Turns out, a little bit of everything. Over half of our audience split their vote between locally-made salsas and honey, with the other 30% claiming our hot sauces and burger sauces are the next best Kansas City masterpieces.

Here at KCtoday, we think it’s all delicious. You can pick up metro-based brands for the fridge and pantry, like a bottle of Messner Bee Farm’s Hot Honey, in-person or online at both the Made in KC Marketplaces and KCK’s Spicin Foods.

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