Kansas kids can now attend any public school district — Here’s what you need to know.

Starting this June, you can enroll you child in any public school district in the state. Read on to see what exactly Kansas’s new school choice laws mean for metro families.


School’s in session

Photo by Caleb Oquendo, via Pexels

Unfortunately there’s no School House Rock episode on school choice, so sit down and listen up Kansas City. It’s lesson time.

Legislation passed in 2022, House Bill 2567, is finally rolling into effect this year. Starting June, Kansas parents can begin enrolling their kiddos in any state school district, regardless of which they reside in.

Need to read up? Here’s a handy-dandy study guide.

✏️ Current classes

Kansas public school districts are still allowed to determine whether or not they will take out-of-district students throughout the rest of the current semester.

Transfer policies for the upcoming year will be posted on district websites (see: Shawnee Mission) and will outline how many non-resident students the district + each grade level can accept.

🍎 Joining the club

Here’s what you missed in the footnotes:

  • If there are more applicants than school capacity, students will be chosen through a random drawing before July 15 each year.
  • Families with multiple students will jump to the front of the line if one of their children is already enrolled in that same district.
  • Once a student is enrolled in a district, they can stay until they choose to leave or until they graduate.
  • A district can’t deny admittance, but it can deny continued enrollment if issues arise, like absenteeism, suspensions, and expulsions.
  • A district can provide transportation to non-resident students, but they aren’t required to.

BTW — A similar bill is being considered in the Missouri legislature this session, meaning we might be hitting you with a bi-state guide soon enough.

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