KCtoday June book club: “Crownchasers” by Kansan Rebecca Coffindaffer

Janine Kluckhohn is back with the KCtoday book club — this time, a page turning sci-fi fantasy young adult novel. Dive in and see what Janine has to day + then buy the book for yourself.

KCtoday Janine Book Club

Who is ready to unwind with this sci-fi fantasy novel?

Photo by Janine Kluckhohn

‘Tis the season for a beach read. Thankfully, we have a new book club recommendation from Janine Kluckhohn — also known as @downtogetthefictionon.

“June’s pick is the page turning sci-fi fantasy young adult novel ‘Crownchasers’ by Kansan Rebecca Coffindaffer.

Alyssa Farshot is the free-spirited niece of the reigning emperor. When her beloved uncle dies, the next ruler will be decided by a long standing ritual — a crownchase — and Alyssa is thrust into the high-stakes race as her uncle’s dying wish. Alyssa has always loved her independence and galaxy exploration and has no desire to rule the kingdom... but when the crownchase ends, will she be the empire’s next ruler or return to her life of exploring?

Packed with lots of action, well developed characters, and LGBTQ+ representation, this book is a perfect story to read during Pride Month or to add to your summer reading list!”

Purchase your copy.

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