ADHDIY Craft Cafe opening next month

The craft cafe promises to fill your insatiable hobbying needs.

ADHDIY Craft Cafe

So many shiny new distractions.

Stressin’ for your next hobby obsession (only to buy all the supplies and completely lose interest within a month)? Well, you can skip the inevitable wasting of funds and still dabble in something new at ADHDIY Craft Cafe.

West Bottoms Plant Company announced its sister biz will open on Thursday, Feb. 1 inside 12th Street Post (1501 W. 12th St., KCMO). Soon, when you feel that mouth-watering urge to pick up a new hobby, you can simply walk in, take a seat, and treat yo’self with a craft project off the menu.

Hobbies on hand so far include painting a canvas, embroidery, and even making a candle. Need more greens in your diet? Plant-based crafts like painting a pot are also available.

The biz promises to also have themed movie nights + art classes while it cooks up more crafting recipes.

Follow ADHDIY Craft Cafe for more info.

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