New year, new experiences at KCI

The new terminal at Kansas City International Airport has survived its first holiday season, now we get to look ahead at whats next in 2024.

Photo of Gates B40-69 sign

It’s as simple as A, B... yeah, that’s it.

Photo by KCtoday

The largest infrastructure project in Kansas City’s history underwent it’s biggest stress test yet — the 2023 holiday season — and it passed with flying colors.

Now, city leaders and airport officials are keeping their heads in the clouds as they look toward KCI’s future.

Here’s what to expect in 2024:

  • A traveler guest pass program — register in advance + access the new terminal, no ticket needed. (Need an itinerary? Earn your wings with our guide.)
  • New nonstop flights are landing soon. Destinations include California’s Hollywood Burbank Airport + Ohio’s Columbus International Airport.
  • (Potential) new cell phone lot + an additional incoming traffic lane to ease drop-off/pick-up congestion.