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Drive easier with these KC Streetcar construction resources

We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to make sharing the road a little less painful.

KCtoday_KC Streetcar Construction

Just remember, future us will love it. | Photo via KC Streetcar

This car-centric city is bound to back over our nerves every now and then — and we’re here to help you pump the brakes, KC.

If KC Streetcar construction plagues your morning commute, add checking the Main Street Extension website to your daily routine. Look out for these two resources:

  • Sign up for the Weekly Construction Update + start planning your routes ahead of time. A free newsletter full of relevant, hyperlocal news... sounds right up your alley.
  • Check the live Construction Map. Keep track of real-time updates on closures, blocked left turns, and traffic + pedestrian impacts.

When that road rage inevitably breaks through our “Midwest Nice” tendencies, just take a deep breath and remember it’ll all be over by 2025.