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KC Paths Guide: Walk, Bike, Hike

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You know our gorgeous skyline + our growing metro area, but do you know about the several outdoor spaces in KC? You’re about to.

Whether you’re a frequent cyclist or prefer a relaxing stroll, there are trails + paths fit for all levels of outdoors-y around here.


  • The Longview Bike Trail begins at Shelter 14 in Longview Lake Park, winds along the lake front, and ends at Shelter 9 in O’Donnell Park. Don’t have a bike? Rent one when you get there.
  • Blue River Parkway Mountain Bike Trails include 20+ miles of varying difficulty. Trail segments can be found generally between Bannister Road south to Blue Ridge Boulevard.
  • The paved Indian Creek Bike Trail links two states, four communities, and a multitude of parks along Indian Creek.
  • Swope Mountain Bike Trail currently has around 10 miles of trails set up in a stacked loop fashion. The trails range from flowy to extremely rocky and fairly technical.


  • Fleming Park covers 7,800+ acres of recreational parkland and is located ~15 minutes from KC. Check out maps for hiking trails.
  • Cedar Lake Park entails a 67-acre lake surrounded by a 57-acre community park originally dedicated in 1920. Just beyond the dam at the park is a beautiful waterfall.
  • Mill Creek Streamway Park is a linear park with approximately 17 miles of trails that are ready to be hiked.
  • Ernie Miller Park has views of diverse habitats, multiple hiking trails, and even a nature center to visit before heading on your journey.


  • Riverfront Heritage Trail is a fully accessible 15-mile pedestrian pathway that winds through the oldest + most historic parts of bi-state KC.
  • Loose Park is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city without going far. We recommend checking out the Rose Garden.
  • The Harry Wiggins Trolley Track Trail spans six miles and runs on the former alignment of the city’s last streetcar.
  • Cliff Drive (the centerpiece of Kessler Park) runs about four miles and is usually closed off to vehicles, leaving the two-lane roadway for pedestrians only.
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