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15 pizza shops in Kansas City

Dig into Kansas City’s must-try pizza shops including local legends, fancier fare + cross-country crusts.


Thin crust for the win.

Photo via Pizza 51

Whenever we’re feeling saucy, we like to dig into a slice of local pizza. Kansas City’s pizza scene is bubbling with options — and we keep finding ways to top ourselves. If you’re on the quest for the perfect slice, we’ve pie-oneered a list of 15 places to grab pizza that are definitely worth the dough.

Lion's choice + Waldo Pizza collaboration Italian Beef pizza

Get a slice of this.

Photo via Waldo Pizza + Lion’s Choice

Local legends

Waldo Pizza, three locations
Want a thin crust pizza that takes cheesy to the next level? Try “Kansas City’s Great Little Place” and its combination of mozzarella, provolone, Swiss, cheddar + muenster cheeses.

Minsky’s Pizza, 17 locations
Close your eyes and walk 20 feet in any direction... you’ll more than likely end up at a Minsky’s. The pie shop has earned its place as KC’s most ubiquitous pizza connoisseurs, and for good reason.

Old Shawnee Pizza, three locations
Since 1969, this family-owned business has served up slices of heaven with cracker-thin crusts to local pizza lovers.

Fun combos

Grinders KC, Crossroads
Nosh + mosh at this live music venue known for it’s fantastic fare.

Pizza Bar, Power & Light
This pair as old as time shines in the Power & Light District where Thursday evenings means $15 pizzas with $5 craft beers all night long.

Up-Down KC, Crossroads
Mario Kart and Mac-n-Cheese pizza. Yes, you heard us right — this arcade bar specializes in crafting cheesy slices to fuel your evening of classic gaming.


No I’m not crying, my eyes are just sweating from the brick oven.

Photo via Providence Pizza

Cross-country crusts

Third Coast Pizza, Lenexa

Dig into some deep dish at this Chicago-inspired joint. Want more than just a pie, try itsChicago dogs or a slice of “Mommy’s Homemade Cheesecake,” made straight from the heart and going straight into your stomach.

Providence Pizza, Westport + Grandview

Step outside of the pizza box and try a rectangular slice. No, we’re not recommending St. Louis-style, but rather a classic from up north. Get a taste of its Detroit-style Motor City pie and you’ll understand.

Pizza Tascio, three locations

East Coast pizza made with only the finest ingredients (can anyone say “100% whole milk mozz” without drooling?) is what Pizza Tascio is all about.

Fancier fare

Martin City Brewing Co., six locations
Pizza, beer + the KC Current — this southside classic is not only available for sit-down, but will soon enough be available in the world’s first stadium built for women’s sports.

Il Lazzarone, Rivermarket
Forgo greasy fare and step into a Neapolitan dream — this Rivermarket joint is more divine than dive. Try its Margherita made traditional with San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, extra-virgin olive oil + sea salt. Simple, just as the Italians intended.

Clay and Fire, Westside
Crispy, cheesy, delicious — what more could you want from a brick-oven fired pizza? Exceptional spices and fresh produce from nearby farms? They’ve got that too.


Pizza + beer = a Kansas City food pyramid

Photo via Pizza 51

It’s delivery

Pizza Shuttle, two locations
K-State and KU grads may remember the good ol’ days of ordering 10 Fers like they were going out of style. Now you can relive the glory of a late night study sesh with delivery from one of its two KC locations.

Leone Original Pizza, Overland Park
Sick of traditional delivery options? Try this traditional New York Style slice that’s fed the metro for over 30 years.

Pizza 51, South Plaza
Think a gas station turned college pizza joint sounds like the perfect place for a delicious slice + a cold beer? You’d be more than right — sweeten the deal by ordering delivery and never leaving your couch again.

We know, this is just a piece of the pie. If your favorite place to get pizza wasn’t mentioned, let us know so we can show it some love in the future.

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