Answered: Your thoughts on the Chiefs stadium renovation

You all loved the additional tailgating space and pedestrian features, but raised concerns about the rolling roof — and about who’s footing the bill.

Picture of Arrowhead Stadium from box

Arrowhead’s future is a blank slate, baby. | Picture by @photodrifter

When it comes to the loudest stadium in the world, you all couldn’t keep quiet. Based on 200+ responses, here’s what KCtoday readers thought about the proposed renovations to Arrowhead Stadium.

More room to glow

We asked, “What new feature(s) are you most excited for?”

“Love the parking lot and tailgating areas. Gonna be lots of room to party and celebrate our Chieeefs!” - Kaylene A.

You all were most excited about the additional tailgating space — unsurprising for the team behind the World’s Largest Tailgate.

“Pedestrian bridges. It can be a real mess out there for both pedestrians and cars trying to avoid pedestrians!” - Dru C.

Improvements to navigating the stadium — particularly the climate-controlled upper concourse — seem to be a welcome addition with more space around the field.

Overall, 46% of readers are excited about the announcements. Not a majority, but the most popular of the three responses.

Arrowhead rendering with parking lots detailed

You all noticed something missing in this rendering (Kauff Kauff).

Rendering courtesy of Kansas City Chiefs

Some room to grow

We asked, “What would you have hoped to see if anything?”

“A roof. We will never have a Super Bowl without one.” - Dan P.

While it’s not forbidden for a roofless stadium to host the Super Bowl (like MetLife Stadium in 2014), it’s extremely rare. Plus, the lack of a roof may curb outdoor concerts and non-sporting events for six months out of the year. On the other hand, the team believes inclement weather works to their advantage.

“It seems like the focus is on creating more elevated suite experiences rather than enhancing the game feel for all fans.” - Anonymous reader

Readers expressed concerns that the new changes cater to big spenders, not big fans and families — especially since the cost will mostly fall on Jackson County taxpayers.

These considerations resonated among the 40% who told us these plans weren’t for you.

What we don’t know

Despite the buzz, there’s one big question mark: Will it happen at all?

These plans are tied to the stadium sales tax and the fate of Kauffman Stadium — for better or worse. Maybe that’s why 14% of you told us you aren’t getting attached just yet.

Now, it’s up to voters to decide on Tuesday, April 2 whether tailgating on turf is worth construction in the Crossroads.

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