7 KC-themed Halloween costumes

It’s scary how spot on these are.

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KC 🤝 Halloween

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T-minus 12 days until the spookiest one of the year. You know what’s even spookier than that? Not having a costume. 👻

We know this time of year can get busy, but that doesn’t mean your Halloween outfit game has to take the backseat. We gathered seven last-minute costume ideas for the true Kansas Citians. Hit us up with photos when you win “Best Dressed” at the party.

Barbecue Master

Kansas Citians will never stop talking about barbecue, just like your friends won’t stop talking about your awesome costume idea. Put on your favorite apron, add a little elbow grease, and grab a kitchen utensil. Bonus points if you bring actual barbecue.

💡 Idea: Make it an iconic couples/BFF costume with this get up.

Andy Reid

The man, the myth, the legend. Put on a pair of khakis, a Chiefs quarter-zip, and a headset to transform yourself into this Super Bowl-winning head coach.

🌟 Level it up: This fake-stache will really pull the whole costume together.


When Editor Bella first moved to KC, she constantly heard “you will know someone is from here if they’re dressed like a tourist,” and I quickly realized how true that is. Get your favorite KC shirt on, add a hat, and maybe even a fanny pack to rep the City of Fountains with pride.

KC Current Player

Between the team’s playoff birth + new stadium groundbreaking, it only feels right to represent the Current this Halloween. Go all out with a kit, or show up in your teal with a team scarf. ⚽

Jason Sudeikis

This shining star, raised right here in Overland Park, is a long-time KC favorite. What better way to dress as Sudeikis than embodying his “Ted Lasso” character? Put on your favorite tracksuit and get a whistle around your neck to become the legendary AFC Richmond coach.

🌟 Level it up: Get the real deal team jacket here.

KCtoday Editor

Want to flatter your two favorite City Editors? Interview your friends at the party while sporting a KCtoday sweatshirt + beanie. Most importantly, carry a cup of joe it’s writer’s fuel. Send us your report for edits. We promise we’ll be nice.

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