2023 KC Fashion Show for Charity Recap

The fashion show donated TKTK to Operation Breakthrough.

KC Fashion show for charity

A night of philanthropy + fashion.

Photo by KCtoday

We came, we walked the runway, we supported Operation Breakthrough.

Yes, that’s right, your two favorite City Editors are officially runway models. Last week Travis + Bella were featured as KC celebrities (we’re flattered) in the Kansas City Fashion Show for Charity.

The event featured local fashion designers + performing artists like Joey Cool and Haleigh Marchisio. And of course, we gave plenty of “awws” watching pups from the KC Frenchie Club strut (waddle?) down the runway.

The fashion show was held in one of KC’s coolest venues — the College Basketball Experience. With 500+ audience members and 75+ models + performers, the show was stacked with talent from start to finish.

The cherry on top of the evening was watching members of our community give back. During the show, a basketball signed by all of the models + designers was auctioned off for $500 — all going to the kids at Operation Breakthrough.

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