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Have you scheduled your annual mammogram?

All medical experts agree that breast cancer screening for women at average risk should begin at age 40.

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Early diagnosis and treatment are critical to surviving breast cancer — over 90% of people diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer survive 10 years or more.

Photo provided by The University of Kansas Health System

Did you know breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the US, apart from skin cancer? Read: One in eight women will receive a breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. New guidance confirms women should begin regular mammograms at age 40, and The University of Kansas Health System makes it easy with online scheduling and convenient locations.

The health system’s rate of detection for early-stage breast cancer exceeds the national standard. How? Their breast radiologist team is fully sub-specialized in breast imaging — which means they’re experts in seeing things others may not.

As part of their expert care, patients looking for a second opinion have prior imaging reviewed and additional targeted imaging performed with the latest technology, if needed. This additional interpretation can help detect cancers that were previously not found on an initial scan, or, more accurately, report the size and specs of a tumor. Read: Your precise diagnosis could change after a second, more accurate interpretation.

And it’s convenient. The health system has three breast screening locations, Westwood Campus, The Women’s Cancer Center at Indian Creek Campus, and KU MedWest. (Westwood and Indian Creek offer evening + weekend hours.)

Schedule your mammogram online or text MAMMO to (913) 588-1227. Learn more.

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