UMKC planning pedestrian plaza and KC Streetcar stop development

During the State of the University address, Chancellor Mauli Agrawal announced a pedestrian plaza closed off to traffic as well as new buildings near the incoming streetcar stop.

Photo of Mauli Agrawal giving UMKC address

Chancellor Mauli Agrawal has been at UMKC for five years.

Photo by KCtoday

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The University of Missouri-Kansas City is in the midst of several transformative projects scheduled across the next several years — some of which could see completion this year. Among these developments include two plans to create major amenities for pedestrians.

During the State of the University address, Chancellor Mauli Agrawal announced a pedestrian plaza as well as new buildings related to the incoming streetcar stop.

51st Street pedestrian plaza

The pedestrian corridor, labeled the UMKC Promenade on project renderings, would stretch two blocks along 51st Street — from Cherry Street to Rockhill Road. Features could include:

  • Bollards (those metal poles in the ground) at intersections to protect foot traffic from vehicles
  • Integrated planters and street art (imagine a blue + gold roadway)
  • Yard games and sport courts
  • Cafe-style tables and chairs

“I can just imagine the transformation,” Agrawal said. “Plantings and greenery, string lights, places to sit and gather.”
UMKC officials told KCtoday they’re aiming to open the corridor in the fall.

Rendering of UMKC Promenade

This rendering shows a map of the proposed pedestrian area.

Rendering by Confluence via UMKC

KC Streetcar Main Street Extension development

The streetcar is coming to 51st Street and Brookside Boulevard (near Whole Foods) in 2025. Right now, there’s a big empty lot next door (just north of Crows Coffee). Chancellor Agrawal said the university wants to use this opportunity to build a mix of any of the following:

  • Housing
  • Retail
  • An arena (for campus events and concerts)

UMKC officials said an exploratory process for the project will kick off this spring.

Other projects

UMKC’s plans extend beyond these mobility-centered projects, including:

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