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How to start a native plant garden in Kansas City

Want to embrace your wildflower side? Here’s resources and tips to transform your grassy lawn into a native plant wonderland.

Loose Park native garden

Need native garden inspo? Take a trip to the Loose Park Garden Center.

Photo by The Westport Garden Club

Dig in

Kansas City’s landscape is changing, both figuratively and literally. Local laws are reclassifying native plants from weeds to welcomed flowers, and Overland Park is the latest city to hop on the trend.

Why the sudden change of heart? The Heartland did its research and discovered native plants have plenty of benefits, like filtering rainwater and reducing flooding. Basically, one man’s weed is another’s low-cost flood insurance.

Tips to get gardening

Want to embrace your wildflower side? Here are some tips to get your green thumbs wiggling:

  • Take note of your lawn’s environment. Is it sunny or shady? Try using this tool to measure your yard’s shadiness to pick the best plants.
  • Choose foliage that blooms in different seasons so your garden is glorious year round.
  • Plan to have a garden border for a finished look. Brick, limestone, or simply a clean-cut edge are great options.
  • Consider hiring a professional to get down and dirty for you.
american holly.jpeg

Fun fact: American holly is native to Missouri.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Where to get native plants

These KC metro nurseries have native plants waiting to leaf with you.

Local resources

Create your natural wonder using these resources:

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