Strang Reserve event space opens in Overland Park

The space accommodates 280 guest with in-house catering from the Chef Collective.

Photo of Reserve Alpha Lit sign

A ribbon cutting calls for balloons. Lots of balloons.

Photo by KCtoday

Welcome to the newest addition to downtown Overland Park. Strang Reserve is officially open and already scheduling tours.

The 7,800-sqft luxury event spaceat 8020 Marty St. — kicked things off yesterday, Jan. 26 with an event of its own: a ribbon cutting.

Strang Reserve glows with hundreds of hanging bulbs and floor-to-ceiling windows. The space accommodates 280 guests with a full bar and in-house catering from the Strang Hall restaurants next door. This eclectic smorgasbord of cuisines spans Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

“We’re super excited and proud to be a part of this community,” CEO Shawn Craft said. He said the idea came from people wanting to rent out the food hall.

Anyone looking to book the space can start by filling out this form. Other upcoming events include a Valentine’s Day five-course meal.

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We’re big ivy-wall people.

Photo by KCtoday

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