Upcoming road projects in Kansas City, spring 2022

Edited timelapse of the northbound I-35/I-670 interchange, colored blue and red.

The Buck O’Neil project is about to make this interchange a lot more popular. | Photo by @punk_off

Road work season feels like it’s getting earlier and earlier — but when it’s 65 and sunny in February (yikes), is it really any mystery?

Speaking of orange fences + jackhammers, a few big projects are starting soon. Here’s a heads up in case you need to reroute (or for easy conversation when someone says, “what’s that?”).

Buck O’Neil Bridge

Northbound I-35 (i.e., the west side of the downtown loop) will close on Mar. 7 as part of work on the new Buck O’Neil Bridge.. The closure will last — get ready — 275 days (about nine months). Work will spill out onto 4th Street + Beardsley Road.

Most travelers will reroute onto I-670, the south side of the loop. The new bridge is expected to be completed by fall 2024, and when it’s done, the west loop will connect directly to 169 Highway. Plus, it means the old bridge can become a linear park. (Could you imagine?)

Main Street Extension

We’re all looking forward to KC Streetcar’s Main Street Extension, with stops at Union Hill, Westport, the Plaza + UMKC. Traffic is reduced on Main between 27th + Warwick, and on Grand between Main + Warwick, while workers weld the streetcar rail. Plus, a portion of Trolley Track Trail is currently relocated for early work.

The real fireworks start in the first week of April, when the groundbreaking for the extension will take place at Pershing + Main. Details on lane closures will come throughout March, but don’t worry: KC Streetcar told us that Main Street will never be fully closed.

Those purple lights

OK, we know it’s no new highway bridge or streetcar extension — but you know those purple street lights across the metro? In case you didn’t know, they’re the result of a nationwide manufacturing defect in some LED bulbs.

KDOT crews began work yesterday to replace them. Work will take place between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., so lane closures shouldn’t be an issue come rush hour.