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Kansas City’s SEA LIFE animals predict the Super Bowl LVIII winner

And the winner is...

Sting rays floating in the ocean

We have a stinging sensation that the Chiefs will win.

Photo by Pexels

Who will win Super Bowl LVIII? To answer that, we turn to our esteemed sports correspondents: the Southern Stingrays + the Weedy Sea Dragons.

Kansas City SEA LIFE Aquarium staff baited Chiefs + 49ers helmets, then watched as the animals chowed on the headgear chum that tasted like winning. Both the stingrays and the sea dragons chose to dine with the Chiefs, solidifying them as Super Bowl champs (and the 49ers as chumps).

If and when the Chiefs win, this will be the second year in a row SEA LIFE Aquarium’s animals correctly chose the winner of the Super Bowl.

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