Answered: What Chiefs game memory will you never forget?

Editor Bella asked KCtoday’s readers about Chiefs memories they’ll always remember — here are the responses.

Mahomes KCtoday

Mahomes entering the field on Sunday, Jan. 24, 2021 — just a few hours before an iconic overtime win.

Photo via Kansas City Chiefs by Jim Berry

Before the Chiefs kicked off the 2023 season, Editor Bella asked: “What’s the Chiefs football memory or game that will forever stick in your mind?”

Today, we’re sharing our favorite reader replies:

“My son’s first game was the tsunami game in 1998. We had an awesome time until the rain came…he was so short I had to carry him to the car and plan a new route home due to floods closing some of the roads. Certainly a memorable first game!”

“It’s a toss up between Derrick Thomas’ seven sack game against the Seahawks in 1990 or the Monday night game against the undefeated Bills in 1991. I had to sit on my front porch for an hour to stop feeling the incredible electricity from a night I will never forget.”

“Coin toss which led to the OT win against the Bills in playoffs two years ago.”

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