Guide to RideKC: Kansas City’s Public Transportation

KC Streetcar

KC Streetcar | Photo by @kccauldron

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They see me rollin’. Locatin’. A bus, car, or bike to get me ridin’ purty.

Although Kansas City is considered a “car-dependent” city, there are other ways to get around. RideKC operates the public transportation system in Kansas City — offering streetcar, bus, and bike services. This is your guide to getting around the city.

🚊 KC Streetcar

The KC Streetcar runs daily and is free for all to use. Two miles of track run from the River Market to Union Station, connecting downtown with 10 stations. Streetcars run every 10-15 minutes during peak hours. To find where the streetcar is in real-time, use the Streetcar tracker. The extension to UMKC will add eight new stations by 2025. An open house will be held by KC Streetcar on Wed., March 30 from 5 p.m.-7 p.m. at Drexel Hall — 3301 Baltimore Ave — for the public to learn more about the Main Street Extension.

🚌 RideKC Bus

Through 2023, RideKC buses are free for everyone through ZeroFare KC. Transit centers provide a safe environment with real-time bus arrival signs for customers as they transfer between buses. If you prefer to ride instead of drive to your destination, over 40 Park and Ride locations are available for you to park your car and board a bus instead. RideKC has maps + route schedules on its website. If you are older, have disabilities, or are considered low-income, RideKC Freedom offers door-to-door transportation services to get you to your destination.

🚲 RideKC Bike

With both E-Bike and Classic Bike options, you’ll have a wheely hard time picking between the two. Use the RideKC app to find a bike station near you. Bus riders can also use the Transit app to plan a bike + bus ride. Bikes will unlock once the QR code is scanned — just like a scooter. Once you’ve reached your destination, use the cable lock to secure the bike to one of RideKC’s designated hubs. The cost to ride varies, depending on your membership.

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