Parade of Hearts rolling out in Kansas City

One artist's heart, both front and back. | Photos by Ruthie Wolkey

One artist’s heart, both front and back. | Photos by Ruthie Wolkey

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If you’ve ever wanted Kansas City covered in 154 fiberglass hearts designed by local artists, consider your wish granted. The Parade of Hearts is finally here — with workers beginning to place the pieces + new rollouts this week.

This metro-wide art display combines the collective talents of artists ranging from professional adults to creative kids in a physical display of unity.

The Mission

“The mission for the Parade of Hearts is to unite our region through an incredible public art experience.” (POH website)

The Goal

“The goal is to set a national example of unification, truly showing the country we are the Heartland with a common purpose of making our communities strong.” (POH website)

The Plan

Organizers plan to release an app where people can get incentives at certain locations with hearts. A new website (coming in a few days) will host artist bios and a merch store. Combined, these platforms will provide interactive maps + allow for donations, providing funding for initiatives including:

  • $2,000 for each artist
  • Grants for minority-owned businesses
  • Grants for businesses in the tourism + hospitality industries
  • VisitKC
  • Kansas Health System for long hauler COVID patients
  • Mid-America Regional Council to re-open child care + education centers

Hearts will be rolled out over the next few weeks. Stay updated on Facebook + Instagram.

The Parade of Hearts runs for the next four months. In June, the hearts will be auctioned off.

The Locations

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