See what upgrades, like a turf-covered tailgate zone, to expect.
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🏟️ Check out these Arrowhead renderings
KCtoday_Arrowhead Renovations
The football fans in your life might already be drooling. | Renderings via Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs proposed a new look for Arrowhead, complete with some pretty sweet new deets. Attentive readers may have already noticed that the renderings feature a Kauffman Stadium-free Truman Sports Complex.

Here’s just a few of the plan’s highlights:
  • A turf-covered Activation Zone, including tailgate and covered entertainment spaces
  • Three new pedestrian bridges
  • Grab-n-Go Markets which will replace concession stands
Check out other upgrades + features, plus how Jackson County voters can get involved.
Are you excited for the proposed Arrowhead renovations?

A. Yes, I can’t wait for the first season in the new digs.

B. No, it’s nothing special to me.

C. I’m still not sure what to think.

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