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KC rejected a Crossroads stadium — what do our followers think?

The real life discussion reached a new level online. Let’s see what KCtoday’s Instagram followers had to say after the election announcement.

A coffee cup on a saucer, two postcards of Kansas City and an "I Voted, Jackson County, Missouri" sticker are collaged on a red gingham tablecloth.

Stickers are probably the best thing to happen to voting since The Voting Rights Act of 1965. | Photo by @urban.leigh on Instagram

Newsletter readers, meet our Instagram followers. We’d love to unite the two, but until you’re all on social media + they’re all checking their emails, we’ll settle for a simple introduction.

Tuesday’s special election results got people talking. Here’s what the most vocal commentators had to say about the 58% vote that rejected a Crossroads stadium:

@mocamber “‘Chill, they won’t move…' I remember people saying that about our NBA team we had too ... Salt Lake City and Nashville are already calling.”

@themariahkelli “If at first you don’t succeed, you go back to the drawing board and make it right for both parties to benefit. I hope they can get it together come August + the Royals propose something that benefits the community.”

@nicoleazx2 “Whew... Incoming Kansas and other counties ready to battle for our prize possessions 😹"

@asaini7 “Downtown has more vibrant upside potential without a ballpark there. Keep Crossroads as is. It’s one of the few areas of culture and arts in this city. Commercial/baseball stuff can go anywhere.”

@kincaid_loves_cats “I think a large contingent was voting no based on the tax premise, not what they were using the tax money for.”

@fourfriedchickensdrywhitetoast “I respect the decision as hard working people are exhausted by incremental taxes ... That said, this stadium, if we actually need a new one, belongs in NKC in my view. Sherman said it himself. Wrigley is his favorite baseball stadium. NKC seems a better version of Wrigleyville.”