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The latest data on non-alcoholic beverages and where to drink them in Kansas City

Learn what it means to be sober curious, the current popularity of non-alcoholic beverages, and where you can enjoy a mocktail in Kansas City.

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Cheers to more mocktail options.

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Now more than ever, data shows that consumers are experimenting with what it means to be “sober curious.” The result has been a spike in sales of non-alcoholic beverages and a declining interest in alcoholic drinks.

Here are a few stand-out stats:

  • Total dollar sales of non-alcoholic beverages grew by 20.6% between August 2021 and 2022. Non-alcoholic beer accounted for 85.3% of those sales.
  • 36% of US consumers reported to have “lost interest in drinking alcohol in general” while 13% reported to be “interested in alternative non-alcoholic beverages.”
  • Sales of non-alcoholic beer, wine, and spirits rose from 0.22% of total alcohol sales in the US in 2018 to 0.47% in 2022.
  • Global Market Share predicts that the non-alcoholic drinks market will grow to $30 billion by 2025.

Wanna know where you can enjoy a mocktail in Kansas City? These are some of the local spots we love + what to drink there:

  • Wild Child, 11022 Johnson Dr., Shawnee, KS| The Palomania combines clarified grapefruit, clarified watermelon, chipotle vinegar, lime acids, and agave.
  • Mean Mule, 1733 Locust St., KCMO | Try the Kleopatra for a lightly sweet, herbal, and effervescent taste.
  • Ça Va, 4149 Pennsylvania St., KCMO | Sip on a Hold the Bubs, which includes lavender honey, lemon, and bubbles‍.
  • Gaels Public House, 5424 Troost Ave., KCMO | Try the Purple Punch, made with mint, blackberry mash, lemon, and Red Bull Acai.
  • Mitch e Amaro, 306 Armour Rd., North Kansas City, MO | Want something less sweet? Order the Garden Sour, with Garden 108, lemon juice and simple syrup.

Did we miss one of your favorite mocktail spots? Let us know.

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