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Betty Rae’s Ice Cream releases limited edition Chiefscake flavor

For a limited time, you can find Chiefscake at Betty Rae’s and in some stores.

chiefscake icecream with sign that reads chiefs cake by betty rae's

We hear it tastes like winning.

Photo by Betty Rae’s Ice Cream

Sweet, sweet victory. To commemorate the Chiefs defeating the Bills and the team’s sixth straight AFC Championship title game, local biz Betty Rae’s Ice Cream has released a limited edition ice cream flavor: Chiefscake.

The Chiefscake is comprised of Coach Andy Reid’s favorite ice cream flavor — cream cheese — with yellow cake and red, yellow + white sprinkles mixed in.

You can find the new flavor at all Betty Rae’s Ice Cream locations, under the name “Playoffs Golden Confetti Cake” at Cosentino Price Choppers, and available for order through Shatto Home Delivery.

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