What to expect with the heatwave coming through Kansas City

The traveling heatwave has arrived in the City of Fountains. Here’s how hot it will get and what you can do about it.

drone overlooking downtown kansas city war memorial stadium kctoday

It’s getting hot in here, KC.

This summer was predicted to be hotter than average. Now, a prediction-confirming heatwave is passing through the Southwest and making its Midwestern debut. Hello sunshine.

You likely noticed high temperatures and humidity yesterday, as heat indexes reached 100 degrees. The trend will continue through Tuesday, Aug. 1.

From Wednesday, July 26-Friday, July 29 temperatures will reach 100+ degrees during the day. At night, temperatures are expected to hover in the 80s. Saturday, July 30 and Sunday, July 31 will be in the high 90s during the day, high 80s at night.

On Monday, July 31 and Tuesday, Aug. 1, daytime temperatures will return to the 100s. Then the heat wave begins to break, with temperatures gradually falling into the 80s.

Need a place to cool off during the heatwave? Check out United Way of Kansas City’s directory of cooling centers across the KC metro.