Kansas City’s (unofficial) fifth season: Pothole Pandemonium

We know you missed them and boy, are they back.

KC_Pothole on Broadway.png

We prefer the ice cream version of rocky road.

Photo by KCtoday

Welcome to pothole season, Kansas City.

You’ve probably been so distracted with salting your driveway and avoiding frostbite that you almost forgot what time of year it is... unless you were one of the unlucky souls on I-435 last week. Yikes.

This month’s arctic blast meant an early start for our city’s unofficial fifth season, but don’t worry — your dutiful City Editors have the 411 on weathering these rocky roads.

  • First (and most obvious), check your tires. Under-inflated or worn tires are more likely to be damaged by our gnarly potholes.
  • You already know the drill: swerve around the crater, shake your fist at the sky + tell the org that owns the road. You can see what potholes have already been reported and share more on the myKCMO website.
  • MoDOT is on the prowl, but rainy conditions mean any recent patchwork will have its pitfalls. Dry skies in this week’s forecast means better luck for road crews (and you) in the coming days. Patience, grasshopper.

Follow these tips and you may still pop a tire — it’s the trade in we make for living somewhere without hurricanes and wildfires. Our one comfort: the city’s doing more than just patching up the problem. In 2023 alone, crews resurfaced ~470 miles, with more on the way.