Kansas City residents have mixed feelings about the new trash carts

Are trash carts better than simply putting out trash bags? You all have strong opinions.

man poses with new kansas city trash cans carts city of kansas city missouri

The City of KCMO is putting a lid on the trash discussion.

Photo by City of KCMO

The City of Kansas City, MO recently announced it will deploy 170,000 trash carts beginning this May.

We asked y’all how you felt about the change and here’s what you had to say.

Trash carts for the win.

77% said that you couldn’t wait to get your hands on one.

“About time!! Good Lord...” — Kandace K.

“This is HUGE!! The streets will be so much cleaner. I won’t be as worried that my dogs’ paws will get hurt or that they eat something they’re not supposed to. I’m very very excited for this!” — Emily W.

Throw this idea in the trash.

16.7% of you said ew.

“They cause issues for storage as do the recycling [bins] now.” — K.W.

“Why trash carts when trash bags work just fine? The money to purchase the carts could have been better spent!” — Charles B.

Think harder.

Remaining voters had other opinions.

“I don’t know why it’s a city expense. Doesn’t the trash company provide a service for profit? It should be their expense.” — Greg K.

“Without a garage or driveway on the front of the house I don’t have anywhere to store it. I would also have to lug it down all my front steps!” — Sheri S.